Is warm white LED light better than cool white LED light for the eyes?

189 Published by admin Jan 17,2019

Color temperature is a physical quantity used in illumination optics to define the color of a light source. That is, when a black body is heated to a temperature, and the color of the light emitted is the same as the color of the light emitted by a certain light source, the temperature at which the black body is heated is referred to as the color temperature of the light source, referred to as the color temperature. The unit is expressed in "K" (Kelvin temperature unit). The color temperature of the source is determined by comparing its color to the theoretical thermal blackbody radiator. The Kelvin temperature of a hot black body radiator matching the color of the light source is the color temperature of that source, which is directly related to the Planck blackbody radiation law. The color temperature is defined by the absolute black body. When the radiation of the absolute black body and the radiation of the light source are exactly the same in the visible region, the temperature of the black body is called the color temperature of the light source.

warm white LED light

For vision protection,   warm white >  cool white 

The reading light of warm white is the best for eyes, cool white (the incandescent lamp and halogen lamp are generally this color temperature, the color rendering is better), this color temperature should have higher brightness to see things clearly, pay attention to many people can not see Clear because the brightness is not enough or the illumination is uneven. The 6500K is cool white, which is brighter, but the eyes are prone to fatigue after a long the warm white LED light is better than cool white LED light for the eyes.

warm white LED light

I have done related experiments before and read the reading error rate by reading under different color temperature values. It has been confirmed by experiments that students who read under the color temperature of 4000K to 4500K have the lowest probability of misreading. Therefore, students are suitable for reading eye-protection lamps with a color temperature of 4000K to 4500K. In addition, the lamps used in the bedroom can choose yellow light fixtures, and the color temperature value can be around 3000K. The office can choose about 4500K lamps. It should be noted that do not select lamps with excessive color temperature values. Light sources with high color temperature values may have too many blue light components, and work under them for a long time, which may cause damage to the eyes. so the warm white LED light is better than cool white LED light for the eyes.

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